The World-View (Cosmotheasis) of Hellenic Religion

27125185384D-16.jpgThe Cosmos is all that we see around us, the land and the seas, the stars and the galaxies, the universes. The Cosmos is everlasting, æonian, uncreated and unbegotten, the one that has been and will always be, without a beginning or end, self-existent, self-contained and self-supporting, master and provider of itself. The Cosmos does and will always exist. But how do we see it? How do we perceive it? We perceive our surroundings according to the ideas we have about them, depending on our education. This perception of ours could be right but it could also be completely wrong. Every theory about the world, every religion uses its own premises and tenets in order to explain the Cosmos, namely, sees it in from its own viewpoint, i.e. has its own World-view. Every theory about the world explains in its own way what the Cosmos is, where it comes from and where it is heading, what is man, what is his origin and what is his destination, how one ought to lead one's life, and how society ought to be organized. This is the World-view of each theory about the world and, vice versa, each system that has such ...

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